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My work "Glyphosate, no thanks" on Weapons of Reason Magazine
massimo colombo
Jun 27, 2018

Thanks to Human After All team for printing my work "Glyphosate, no thanks"  on Weapons of Reason Magazine

thanks to Visura Community for creating this contact and thanks to any farmers that don't use herbicides.



Massimo Colombo, Glyphosate, no thanks
 • Italy, December 2015/ March 2017 I started my investigation in the province of Verona, which is characterised by an extensive use of weed...

Grazie al team di Human After All per aver pubblicato il mio lavoro "Glyphosate, no thanks" sulla rivista Weapons of Reason,

Grazie a Visura Community per aver creato questo contatto e grazie a tutti gli agricoltori, medici e consulenti che hanno detto di no al Glifosato.


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